About Us

BKOOR Real Estate Services is a leading and distinguished entity in the field of real estate. It was established in 2006 by its owner, Mr. Saeed Ali Al Hamad, and it worked in the field of marketing real estate for more than a decade and now, praise be to God, we enjoy several departments


It was established in 2010 AD and became official upon obtaining membership in the Saudi Authority for Residents in 2015 AD.
It is now one of the first companies in the Kingdom to obtain membership recognized by all government ministries and major companies, investment funds and banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Asset management

It was established in 2015 and still under development to win more clients in the not too .distant future
We are so proud of announcing that we have a good share market and permanent  customers also  We do to develop our services to be up to date with Allah will

Our Duties

  • Vision: To be pioneers in the field of real estate in the Kingdom, especially after real estate laws were developed through government bodies, and to provide a high degree of quality of .services, products, and solutions provided to our customers
  • Message: Bakor seeks to achieve the highest level of quality in its activities by satisfying our customers through our commitment to the level of performance, value, innovation and .experience
  •  Goals : providing the best services in real estate areas and expan- sion in the local and .Middle East markets
  • Excellence and credibility: To be the pioneer in Real Estate in the Kingdom providing high  .products and solutions to our clients,quality services 
  •  Client Satisfaction : BKOOR CO.Innovation and experience ,Value ,Performance ,Satisfaction through our commitment
  • .Employees Satisfaction : BKOOR CO  has a well-established culture that its employees are their most valuable assets. It is the management’s duty to help them, train them periodically,take into account their comments, and work to ensure that the relationship between management and employees is a partnership

Our Services

  • Real Estate Marketing: In real estate marketing, we work on speed, achievement, customer .service, and accurately providing their requirements for the best
  • Real estate evaluation: Our real estate evaluation is transparent and accurate, taking into .account market variables and providing the best and most accurate prices
  • Marketing plans: So far, we have marketed several plans, and we still have some of them, the most important of which are the Al-Raqi plan in Abha, the Al-Amara plan in Khamis Mushayt, the Alaa plan, Sin Babha, and the Mubarakiya plan in Khamis Mushayt. More than five .hundred plots of land have been sold through us
  • Asset Management: We always intend to reach what the client wants through his property and target the largest possible segment suitable for real estate and reach the highest .possible value for real estat
  • Auctions: When holding each auction, we target the appropriate category for it and focus on it in order to obtain the largest number of customers and provide them with the targeted .level of service
  • Real estate evaluation: The company has carried out thousands of evaluations, exceeding .6,000 evaluations or more

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